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 Instrument Team
 Built by  COLD  (INAF-OACatania)
 Instrument Scientists  Antonio Frasca
 Instrument Engineer  Giovanni Bonanno
 Location  Cassegrain focus SLN-Colacevich
 Status  Commissioning
 Instrument characteristic 
 13x13 arcmin  
 32 arcsec/mm  
 Front-illuminated; BlueChip
 Kodak KAF1001E, 1024x1024
 QE  View the graph
 pixel size
 24 micron
 Operation Temperature  -50 °C
 Scale  0.77 arcsec/pix
 Limiting magnitude  V 18 (S/N 20-30, Sigma 0.05-0.03) in 15 min
 Available filters  UBVRI, Transmission curves
 Inverse Gain  2.0 e-/ADU
 Readout noise RON  20 e- rms
 Readout time  15 seconds full frame including write time
 Saturation  130000 e-
 Non Linearity  less than 1% over the full dynamic range



 Rapporto prima luce



  M57 (Ring) planetary nebula



  V477 Lyr, sdOB+M eclipsing binary 


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